Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where to Buy: The Tintin Shop

Tucked among Pagoda Street's stalls of kitschy souvenirs and Asian memorabilia is this gem of the store that will make any fan exclaim, "Blistering Barnacles!" Yup, it's an official Tintin Store in Singapore.

I've loved Tintin ever since I started reading those big comic books at our grade school library. Lucky for me, two of my younger cousins also got into the series as they were growing up, and I had unlimited access to their library. So imagine my delight when I heard that an official store had opened in Singapore's Chinatown. It sounded like a strange location for a young Belgian reporter and his crew, but I was eager to go anyway.

Anyone coming from the MRT Exit A will find The Tintin Shop on her left. There's an al fresco cafe out front, with the orange and white chairs and tables that you can't miss. Inside, though, is where the magic waits.

A Tintin figure perched on the cashier

Tintin explosion: toys, keychains, magnets, mugs, postcards, journals...

and of course, books!

Some of the rarer Tintin titles were out of stock, but you won't hear me complaining, especially not after seeing all the other goodies in the store. I brought home a Snowy plushie as well as some other presents for my cousins (yup, the ones with the Tintin library).

What made the experience even more enjoyable was that the staff was very friendly and accommodating and they shared with me that the SG branch is only the seventh worldwide. Lucky for all of us fans in southeast Asia! I know that I'll definitely be back for more.

The Tintin Shop is located at 56 Pagoda Street, Chinatown, Singapore. Take the Chinatown MRT and exit at Exit A.


Tin said...

Hi! Although I was quite fond of the animated tv show, I never really had my first TinTin comic book ever (I need to change that). Probably because they can be pretty expensive. How does the prices in that shop compare with our bookstores here?

dementedchris said...

I'm not sure how much the Tintin books are selling in Manila at the moment, but the ones at the shop cost about $29, if I remember correctly. :)

I'm hoping that when the movie shows, there will be an influx of the comic books, and the large supply will make them more affordable.

Tin said...

Yipes!$29 is still too steep for my pocket. I've been hoping to chance upon them in bargain bins but no such luck. But still it's worth it to visit the shop for window shopping and photo opp.

I'm pretty excited about the movie. With Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, it's bound to be stellar. You may be right, it seems like a plausible theory. Promos could come up in bookstores upon movie release as well. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! :)

dementedchris said...

No worries, Tin! I hope you'll have your own collection soon! The staff was really great; they were super cool with me taking photos left and right. :)

Agay and Spanky said...

yet another reason to go to singapore. thanks! chanced upon your blog after googling reviews on chinggay labrador's popped :-)

dementedchris said...

Have fun shopping! I hope you both find lots of Tintin goodies there. :)