Friday, October 25, 2013

ReaderCon/Filipino Friday: Pinoy Book Drop

Pinoy Book Drop Details
Book: One Day (David Nicholls)
Place: Noriter, Taft Avenue, Manila
Time: around 4:10 PM

Although my blog (in)activity may not show it, I'm really excited for the upcoming 3rd Filipino ReaderCon. This year it will be on November 9 at the Rizal Library at the Ateneo. As a countdown to the event, we're asked to share our answers on different book-related questions every Friday, and this week, it's all about a brilliant concept called the Pinoy Book Drop.
Printing the bookplates. I had grand plans of leaving three but so far I've only done one.

I actually had a hard time picking a book for the drop. By the time I had printed out the bookplates, I still hadn't decided. On one hand, the book drop was a good way to pass on an unwanted book that could be loved by someone else. But on the other, I didn't want to leave something that no one would pick up because it was extremely old and tattered.

The book drop was a great opportunity to spread the love, so another requirement I wanted to meet was to leave a book I fairly liked. I was going through my books and while a lot of them were good candidates for such the drop, I wasn't sure if I could find these editions again. In the end, I went with a book that 1) I could part with but was still in good condition, 2) could be easily replaced, and 3) I liked enough to share. I will not grieve over its absence from my shelves, but I think someone might appreciate it more.
I slipped the bookplate behind the plastic cover.

It was easy to decide where to leave it. A coffee shop seemed like a good location, since there are a lot of people talking and reading and looking for tables. I brought it with me in case I was going to be in the Alabang area. But then I found myself in front of my old university, where there were a lot of cafes and tambayans, so I thought this was a good place as any. I picked Noriter, a little Korean-inspired cafe very near the LRT. Its patrons were students who were studying or writing reports, so I was a bit more confident that someone would pick up One Day.
Noriter! This side is next to the windows so there weren't a lot of people on there.

One thing that I was afraid of was someone coming up to tell me I had left something. I didn't realize it then, but Noriter's colorful tables were a good camouflage for the book. Plus with all the students around (and all their books and papers on the tables), there seemed a little chance of that happening. I just bussed my table so that the servers didn't have to do it for me (and discover my book drop)!
Goodbye, dear book!

I didn't check back on who might have found it, but I'm crossing my fingers that one of the students brought it home to read. Not only would it be a welcome break from studying, but I think it's got a lot to say about friendship and love and growing up that would appeal to people at a turning point in their lives. I really hope my copy finds a good home.


Kat said...

That's one book I'd love to find and read! Also, the cafe looks really nice.

dementedchris said...

It's super cute! To my left (not in picture) are low tables on a loft-type space and to my right were enclosed spaces that looked like bunk beds :D Very near La Salle's South Gate!

Louize DG said...

Cafe Noriter is a perfect choice! :)

Louize DG said...
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dementedchris said...


I wish I could have gotten one of those 'double-deck' corners! :D

Jinky said...

Hehe, the book did blend in! --Hmm, I could part with this book ..didn't love it as much as many seem to.

dementedchris said...

I tried picking a book I really liked for the book drop but I started stressing over 1) what would happen to the book if no one picked it up; and 2) how I could replace it with the same edition.

Najee said...

Do you have any news on what happened to the book you dropped?