Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Scribbled: All I Want for Christmas

My good friends and fellow #romanceclass authors Chrissie Peria and Miles Tan joined me in writing a short holiday story called All I Want for Christmas. It's free for a limited time as a thank you to our readers, mentors, fellow authors, and friends -- anyone and everyone who's helped us on our writing journey. It's also a way for us to end the year on a high note. Even if it's quite short (around 7,000-8,000 words), we still hope that you will like it.

This holiday season, Ginny wants nothing less than hot model du jour Luis Inoue. That's why when her best friend Issa invites both of them to a small sit-down dinner, she jumps at the chance to show Luis she can be naughty and nice. Will everything go according to plan? Or will Issa's brother Marco's interference keep her single all the way?

It was crazy trying to write round-robin (more on that on later blog posts), but it's still something I'd do again. I really enjoyed writing this story and sharing the experience with my friends. There were many things that I learned from the experience. I really appreciated seeing things from different perspectives; often there would be an incident that the three of us would approach differently, and then we'd all end up talking about what would be the best course to take. It also gave the three of us a first-hand view of the KDP Select system.

We didn't get to mention our specific thank you's on the e-book, so please indulge me as I include my shout-outs here:
• to Chrissie and Miles for sharing this journey with me;
• to Mina for inspiring us and helping us with #romanceclass (and no, I won't tire of saying this);
• to our #romanceclass classmates Dia, Ron, Anne, Stella, Agay, Kesh, Kristel, Tina, Jayen, to name a few, who really made 2013 a great year to be a Pinoy romance writer;
• to book bloggers like Chachic, Tina, Lynai, Monique, Cassandra, Sol, Freine... there are so many that I can't remember all of you at the moment but please know that your support means so much to us;
• to Reev, for the self-publishing help, whether print or digital; and
• to our readers (my special TY to Cassandra, Jin, and Grelyn), for the heart-warming support. You took a chance on me especially -- your bravery must be commended! :) Whenever I feel that all this is unreal, I just look at your reviews and tweets and messages of encouragement. I am very blessed that I can do this, thanks to readers like you.
Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.
So there you are, dear reader. I hope that you can download a copy of All I Want for Christmas now while it's still free -- and that it makes you smile at the end of your day. Happy holidays to you!

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Unknown said...

you are awesome, period, no words. thank you, thank you, Miss Chris! will post review by the weekend (I think, a soon as this season's craziness and craziness at work has died a bit lol)i'm touched :')love you! Happy Holidays! :) --Cass