Monday, October 17, 2011

The Experiment.

By the time this post goes up, I should be in Korea, getting my fill of trendy little cafes and charming indie pop bands (wait for me, Standing EGG and Sweetpea!) and fangirl delusions. I've nixed Lonely Planet for Chinggay Labrador's Popped Too. I have Korean phrases written down on trusty index cards for emergencies: Please don't make it spicy or Where is the toilet?

But the real experiment is trying to go for about a week without checking my mail or my blog or my play-by-post RPG. Maybe it will work. Maybe I'll find myself experiencing major withdrawal before the week even begins. But here's to exploring the world outside my computer. See you!


Chachic said...

Oh wow, you're going to Korea! I hope you have an excellent time. And don't worry, I think you'll survive without the internet during your vacation. It's fun to take a break sometimes (even from things that you love).

Frida Fantastic said...

Enjoy your trip! I hope you don't get any of those internet addiction shakes (I get those!)

Leki said...

Ooh, enjoy! :D

dementedchris said...

The experiment was only half-successful: I didn't check my mail BUT I dropped by my Plurk account and my RPG. LOL. My priorities are whacked!

Aaand I'm back! Trip was fun and slightly manic due to my navigational skills failing miserably in Seoul, but I survived (more or less) the intarwebz hiatus. I still haven't decided on what to read after Battlehawk, though I've already marked a few titles here and there...

Can you say Coffee Prince? :P