Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scribbled: Turtle Warriors

Some news on the writing front: my short story "Chasers" appears in the Philippine Speculative Fiction Anthology 7 available on Kindle and Flipreads. It's a theme I often explore in my work -- the undefinable nature of contemporary relationships, its demands and compromises. Not exactly ground-breaking stuff, I know, but it's something I'm comfortable with. Write what you know and all that.

From the Amazon description:
A heartbroken youth discovers the first woman, Maganda, in a garden. The youngest, most beautiful of ten siblings gets sold as a bride to a Tiq’Barang. A segment of the Filipino population suddenly transform to look like American celebrities. The Philippine Speculative Fiction series are anthologies that showcase the rich variety of Philippine literature: between these covers you will find magic realism next to science fiction, traditional fantasy beside slipstream, and imaginary worlds rubbing shoulders with alternate Philippine history—demonstrating that the literature of the fantastic is alive and well in the Philippines.

Stories from this series have been included in the Honorable Mentions list from The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror edited by Ellen Datlow and Kelly Link & Gavin Grant.

I wrote this a few years ago and I'm really glad it found its way to a collection. Thanks so much to Kate Osias, Alex Osias, and Dean Alfar for this opportunity.


Kim said...

PSF volume 7 is a digital-only release right? Launching this Saturday?

dementedchris said...

Yes, it is :) At the moment it's only available digitally via Kindle and Flip Reads. The launch will be at CBTL Shang at 2 in the afternoon.

Kyameel said...

Hee, congratulations Chris! :D So happy for you!

dementedchris said...

Thank you, Kyameel! :)