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PinoyWriMos: JustWritePH For the Feels Excerpts (2/2)

The #JustWritePH workshop, which ran from July 1 to August 8, 2015, challenged participants to write a story and prepare it for publication in a little under 6 weeks. Tips and lessons were delivered online & in person, and now these stories are available in bundles on online e-book shop Buqo.

Title: For the Feels
Authors: Lee Miyaki (Kim Derla), Maria Criselda Santos, iamloid, and Kristine Cuevas

About the Bundle:
The feels come in all shapes and sizes, with a million different unique stories for every kind. Experience bitter feels, forbidden feels, pretend feels and young feels in this four-story bundle that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings. Features "13th Prayer" by Lee Miyaki, "Never the Princess" by Maria Criselda Santos, "My Ampalaya Story" by iamloid, and "A Bump in Athena's Life" by Kristine Cuevas.

Here's an excerpt from iamloid's My Ampalaya Story:

“Ang mga ahas nasa gubat bakit nandito ka? Fieldtrip niyo siguro?” Panimula ko habang tinitignan ko siya mula paa hanggang ulo. Nagulat siya sa sinabi ko at dali-daling nagpunta si Paul upang maging kasangga niya. Nice!

“Hmp! Condolence nga pala para sa EX-Boyfriend mong patay na patay sa akin.” Sabay smirk niya with matching palupot pa ng kamay niya kay Paul!

“Malandi!” Sigaw ko at napatingin siya sa akin, akala niya siguro nagalit ako. Pero…

“Oh, sumigaw lang ako ng malandi, napatingin ka na sa akin? Bakit, malandi ka ba?” Ha! Ano ka ngayon? Nga-nga!

“Oh, baka mag-away na kayo. Tapusin niyo na ang debate.” Sabi ni Sir Values. Okay for the final wave (Plants vs. Zombies lang!?)

“Ito na lamang po ang message ko. Love is dangerous, kaya always take care.” Sabi ko habang palapit kay Zinnia upang kamayan siya. Spell plastic? E-R-I-C-K-A.

“Thanks for being a nice opponent.” Sabi ko habang nagsi-shake hands kami. Niyakap ko siya at bumulong.

“Kung saan ka man nakakuha ng Bachelor’s Degree sa kalandian at pagiging mang-aagaw, i-enroll mo naman ako.”

Enjoy another another excerpt, this time from Kristine Cuevas' A Bump in Athena’s Life:

I’m fidgeting at the hem of my shirt as we get closer and closer to my apartment. I don’t like being judged. If I spot one hint of pity or any kind of judgment on Callum’s voice, I’ll quit that assisting job.

He stops the engine. There are no words. It is quiet that I feel claustrophobic all of a sudden.

“We’re here,” he says afterwards. I hear a click. Through my peripheral vision, I see him unbuckle his seat belt and he turns to face me. “So this is where you live.” It’s a statement and not a question. I’m about to snap at him when: “Can I stay for a while?”

My head cricks so loud I almost break my neck when I turn to look at him. “You want to stay for a while?” I ask incredulously. “Can’t you see? That building is not as posh as the place you probably live in. There might be insects lurking on every corner of the room. I’m sure you don’t want any insects—”

“I don’t mind,” he cuts me off.

I’m in a daze then.


And all I can do is nod at him.

The walk to my unit is slower than I use to. I’m thinking of something to say. Something that will make him go away maybe? It’s not like I don’t want him to be there but what if Jeremy’s already there? Sometimes Jeremy is so feel at home that he likes taking off everything he is wearing. Except for his boxers. Gross, I know. But he is my best friend and we’ve known each other since elementary days. There’s not any part of him I haven’t seen yet. Yes, I’ve seen everything of him because he is too liberal he likes to flaunt all of him. Gross again, I know.

I stop and spin around to face him. “You’re tired. You should take a rest,” I say.

He shakes his head. “I know when I’m tired. Are you trying to shoo me away?”

“Yes, I am,” I admit. There’s no way to deny the truth anyway.

He narrows his eyes at me. “Is there something you’re hiding in your apartment?”

I roll my eyes. “I hid a dead body under my old, dusty couch. I also used his blood as an air freshener. I bet you’re scared now.”

“I don’t mind any of those.” He shoves me slightly to the side and walks past me.

“But you’re Callum Young!” I yelp in alarm.

The sudden turn and surprised look on his face makes me regret what I said.

“I know I’m Callum Young but, can’t I just be a normal Callum Young tonight? When I get home, my mom will ask about the practice. How did it go, blah, blah, blah. Then my dad will ask when I will go back to school to take law. In short, when I’m home, I can’t be the normal Callum Young I want myself to be. I love acting, yes, and I’m thankful I got a big name at such a young age. But to have a normal life even just for a night will be something for me,” he exclaims.

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