Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Island.

Someday I will send everyone a card
with nothing on it, only
the calligraphy
of a river, and in the back
with invisible ink I will say:
Forgive my happiness,
I have betrayed you all.

- from Eric Gamalinda's Enough

Sausage and vodka pasta at Tibraz in Boracay. One of my favorite places on the Island. Crazy weekend. I thought I'd be writing but ended up quite hung over on Sunday morning. I'm too old for this, I think, too old for the parties that I was always too uncool for, too old for staying late or smiling at cute strangers.

And what will they say about the pudgy girl with the glasses, reading in the corner? Will they make up stories about me, just as I do about them? Will our stories meet in the middle, turn themselves into a quiet epic about the ocean, where it goes, what it whispers to anyone who listens?


Monique said...

Aw, Chris.

This makes me really, really regret not having met up with you in Boracay. Aside from the fact that the pasta looks sumptuous in the photo that you took, it would've been nice just to hang out and get to know stuff about each other. I'm sure we have lots - BOOKS! - to talk about. :)

I'm still looking forward to meeting you soon! :)

dementedchris said...

I know! Hay, nanghinayang ako. I was in Manila for work the weeks leading up to your trip so when I returned to Kalibo, I totally forgot about it! :(

I went there to meet up with a fellow Literature undergrad friend, so we talked about reading and writing most of the time! It's actually pretty easy for me to go to Boracay, 1-1/2 hr ride -- much like those college days when the Skyway was still being built! Next time. :) But I'll be in Manila soon!

Osing said...
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Osing said...

I will definitely visit you there soon. If not this year, then next year. Promise hehe. Also, I don't think you're too old. Go lang sa smiling at cute strangers hahaha

dementedchris said...

Sausage and vodka pasta with a side of mojitos. Yum! Are you imagining it yet? And we'll dine in style. Haha.

Chachic said...

Chris, I feel exactly the same way - too old to drink and party. Which is why I only drink when I really want to nowadays. That pasta dish looks delicious. Wish we can meet up in Boracay in the future! Last time I went there was in 2002 with my family, would love to go back with friends.

dementedchris said...

It's always a good time to come back, though I'd tell you to avoid the peak season if you're looking for some peace and quiet. There were four huge events the weekend I was here and the beach was swarming with people! But if you're eager for something livelier naman, it's definitely the best time to visit. :)

Celina said...

Haha, lately I've been saying "I'm too old for this" much too often.:)

Hey, when will you be back in Manila? If you want to meet up, let us know!:)

dementedchris said...

I'm still hoping to get my energy up once in a while! :P

I'll be in Manila in May -- will be staying in the Katipunan area though! But yes! Would be good to meet up :)