Monday, April 16, 2012

My Kind of Guy

Mina V. Esguerra, author of Pinoy chick lit titles such as My Imaginary Ex, Fairy Tale Fail, and No Strings Attached is coming out with her latest book, That Kind of Guy via Summit Publishing and she's hosting a giveaway on her blog. As part of her mailing list, I could have gotten a head start but after going all sentimental in my last post, it almost felt redundant -- but look! Isn't that what I'm doing now? *headdesk* Please bear with me. Still, I'd love to spread the news about Mina's latest book; her characters are always real and easy to relate to, and I'm sure this one won't be an exception.

So. Who's 'My Kind of Guy'? If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have come up with a rather exacting description. But having grown older (wiser?), I would just rather that he fit into the lines of an Alanis Morissette song:

You see everything
You see every part
You see all my light
And you love my dark
You dig everything
Of which I'm ashamed
There's not anything
To which you can't relate
And you're still here

I'm the kind of girl who has quirks and faults. He's the kind of guy who understands the kind of girl I am and what's important to me -- my family, my interests, my faith. And hey, if he's the kind of guy who will get me katsudon in the middle of the night or will take me places in a blue police box or can answer positively to the Dashboard Confessional question (do you like dreaming of things so impossible or only the practical or ever the wild or waiting through all your bad bad days just to end them with someone you care about?), then I won't have any other reason to complain.


Chachic said...

LOL I knew you'd make a post about this! *Mina fangirl high five* Yeah, it would be great to find a guy who really understands your quirks and even thinks they're cute. Really looking forward to reading Mina's latest.

dementedchris said...

LOL, huli man daw at magaling...! The last guy I was with shared my interests but wasn't exactly the most endearing guy where my family was concerned. I've learned my lesson since :P

vALLEYgirl said...

This post really made me smile Chris. :-) I miss you!

dementedchris said...

Miss you too, Didi! Hope you're feeling better!

Osing said...

redYes I'd definitely like a guy who'd answer positively to that Dashboard Confessional question.

dementedchris said...

I swear. So Impossible! LOL.

Celina said...

Aww Chris, this is such a nice post. And man, that Dashboard Confessional line is just awesome.:)

dementedchris said...

It is! One of my favorite songs <3